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Need help with a motion capture or virtual production project?

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At NexStage Project, we specialize in motion capture for stylized characters, using the latest technology to create stunning virtual performances. We create AR, XR and fully virtual productions using our heavily tested pipeline. and are able to scale to any project size. Our team consists of experts who bring creativity and innovation to every project. We focus on producing a variety of new and unique content that will excite and enthrall viewers around the world with outstanding quality and entertainment value.

Have a project involving VTubers, motion and performance capture, AR, or XR ? Please contact us for a free consultation.

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Their signal is getting stronger...

A virtual world that exists parallel to ours. Its inhabitants fight back against a mysterious, virus-like evil.  By connecting with the humans of our world through the internet that binds us together, our 5 heroes seek to gain the power to overcome this invasive foe and restore their world.

Ayla Yew​

Raised by beasts, Ayla has found herself to be a bit of a klutz and oblivious to the world. Although she has lots to learn about how to live amongst people, Ayla can't help having her blood turn hot with excitement when learning about everyone and what makes them the happiest! With her animal companion, Kevin, whispering tips and tricks, she continues adding her own colors to the world to create harmony with society. Song, art, dance, and even silly little noises are all languages society knows no matter what our stories are, or what languages we speak. Luckily for Ayla, these are her favorite ways to connect with everyone! 

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Zhuni Excel

An absolutely ordinary human, Zhuni is not a mix of any mythical beings, animals, or spiritual entities. He does not have any supernatural abilities, Zhuni just works hard. As a young faculty member at a prestigious University, he often works late into the evening on his projects keeping himself company by quietly singing and making weird fart noises. Despite Zhuni’s success, he feels a bit empty. He hopes to find that spark and awe in life through music and meeting new friends.

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