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What services do you provide to talent?​

We proudly offer our talent some of the best perks in the industry in the interest of giving them the tools to create the highest quality content they can. Anyone signed with NexStage Project will be provided the following at no cost to them - 

  • Art and streaming assets. This includes an original character design and rigged Live2D model from top level illustrators, along with any additional art assets required for streaming (emotes, overlays, backgrounds, etc) 

  • Music production

  • A high quality microphone and mixer along with an iPhone X will be provided, along with further equipment support on a case by case basis

  • 3D art assets

  • 3D full body motion capture, including studio space, travel and lodging

  • Marketing and promotion

  • General management

  • Merchandising

  • Legal

Who is eligible to join?

Anyone over the age of 18 located within the United States or Canada is eligible. This location restriction is to allow us to provide AAA quality live 3D motion capture at no cost to talent.

Do I need to have prior experience to apply?

While previous experience as a content creator is preferred, it is not mandatory.

Do I need to sing to be a part of NexStage Project?

With exception, yes. We are aiming to produce a multimedia experience, and music is a key component. If you apply with exceptional skills outside of music you may still be considered.

What do you mean by VTuber multimedia project?

We aim to grow the brands of both our affiliated talent and company by producing content in a variety of mediums with a focus on building up our original characters as individuals and as a group.

Am I able to keep my existing VTuber character design/model if I join NexStage Project?

You cannot retain your existing VTuber character design/model. All NexStage Project characters will be personally designed for our individual talent. We will work closely with our talent to create an original character perfectly suited to them that fits into our group dynamic.

Will I be able to stream with my old character on a personal account after joining NexStage Project?

Due to the equipment and level of support we provide to our talent, we ask that all NexStage Project VTubers stream with us exclusively for at least 1 year.

Will you have your talent streaming on Twitch or YouTube?

Our talent will stream on Twitch, while we upload VODs and highlights to YouTube.

Are you funded by venture capital?

No, NexStage Project is a privately funded limited liability company.

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