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NexStage Project Announces a Live VTuber 3D Concert and Variety Show March 5, 2023, 6pm EST

For Immediate Release: 1/6/2023

NexStage Project Debuts Their First VTuber Group, CodeX, on Sunday March 5th 2023, with a Live 3D Concert and Variety Show Streaming Live at 6pm EST on both and

New York, 1/6/2023: NexStage Project announces their first VTuber group’s official debut! Join the members of CodeX for an exciting Live 3D Concert and Variety Show on Sunday, March 5th 2023! The group of five will be performing a live 3D Concert featuring an original theme written and produced by CircusP, several cover songs, and choreographed dancing. A fun-filled introduction to the members of CodeX, along with a variety of entertaining games and activities will follow the concert. All this will be streaming live on March 5th 2023 at both and

More about the Live 3D Concert

CodeX’s debut will be a Live 3D Concert and Variety Show featuring all five CodeX VTubers singing and dancing in real time on a dazzling virtual stage. The concert will feature the debut of Codex’s original song, “Break Out”, written and produced by acclaimed vocal synth producer CircusP, whose songs have been featured in the game “Hatsune Miku: Colorful Stage!” as well as in several Vocaloid Concerts. “Break Out” will be performed by all five members of Codex live and on stage!

Executive Producer, Jake Mandel Popovics, says, “NexStage Project is the first startup to independently produce a Live 3D VTuber concert and we’ve been working hard behind the scenes to achieve an exceptional level of visual fidelity utilizing Motion Workshop’s Shadow Motion Capture System and the power of Unreal Engine. We can’t wait to share what we’ve been cooking up with all of you on March 5th 2023 at 6pm EST!"

More about the members of CodeX

Plumarielle Character Design: Many believe that to see an elf is a rare, magical experience that brings with it the promise of peace and fortune. Crossing paths with Plumarielle, however, is not so very rare, or magical ... and comes with no such promises! Between mounting gambling debts and her past as a master thief, Plum is an elf on the run! Why did she leave the Elven Queendom? Just what did she steal that has the world's most dangerous crime organization hunting her down? And why is the Magic Government employing her, rather than arresting her!!? There's only one way to find out!

Zhuni Excel Character Design: A completely ordinary human, Zhuni is not a mix of any mythical beings, animals, or spiritual entities, nor does he have any supernatural abilities. Zhuni just works hard as a young faculty member at a prestigious university. He often works late into the evening on his projects, keeping himself company by quietly singing and making weird fart noises with his mouth. Despite Zhuni’s success, he still feels a strange emptiness inside. He hopes to find that spark of inspiration through music and meeting new friends.

Jax Riot Character Design: A martial artist with itchy knuckles, a mysterious past, and tech he barely understands! These eclectic attributes are all features that help Jax fit seamlessly into the rag-tag group of misfits that make up CodeX. Not much is known about Jax's past or present; the hard light technology projected by his gauntlets is a mystery to even the most seasoned academics. He uses these tools to frightening efficacy in battle, and boasts that his martial arts skills come at a very cheap cost, "GOOD FOOD AND EVEN BETTER FIGHTS”.

Ayla Yew Character Design: Raised by beasts, Ayla tends to be a bit of a klutz and oblivious to the ways of the world. Although she has lots to learn about how to live amongst people, Ayla can't help lighting up with excitement when learning what makes everyone tick and what makes them the happiest! With her adorable animal companion, Kevin, giving her tips and tricks to fit in, she continues adding her own colors to the world. No matter what our stories are, song, art, dance, and even silly little noises, are all universal languages. Luckily for Ayla, these are her favorite ways to connect with everyone!

Blair Labri Character Design: A librarian witch of the legendary Labyrinth Library. Although a bit shy at first, Blair is always willing to help out those who are lost in her domain. However, don’t let her sweet appearance fool you—she can be quite the little brat. Get on her bad side and she'll most definitely fight back, successfully or otherwise. Treat her well though, and perhaps she’ll show you some of the secrets of her library, the weird drawings in her grimoire, or even her surprisingly caring side.

More about NexStage Project

NexStage Project is an exciting new VTuber multimedia production company run by a motivated group of industry professionals. NexStage’s goal is to produce a range of high-caliber entertainment across a variety of mediums ranging from live 2D streams and cover songs, to elaborate 3D event streams and original VTuber content.

Make sure to stay up to date with all the latest NexStage Project news on the official NexStage Project Discord channel, and by signing up for the newsletter on our website at



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